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Living Water Flowforms
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Here are some links to our alliance partners which you may find useful. We greatly appreciate the support of friend and associates in our network and are delighted for this opportunity to share them with you.

New alliance to protect Queensland’s Channel Country Rivers — filed under: australia, wilderness, wild country, cattle grazing, northern australia, elections, water, outback, wild rivers, queensland, wildcountry, qld, wildrivers 
Queensland’s Channel Country Rivers are among the great natural river systems remaining on Earth. Flowing thousands of kilometres inland towards Australia’s iconic outback lakes such as Lake Eyre. Read More...
Gardening for Australia and around the world
Articles. Examples of Respect. Philosophical conundrums.
Invitations for input. A showcase of Music, Art, Sculpture, Literature and Community Living.
Fashion as activism. Good Karma Buys.
The State of the Art. Images that ROCK!.
The Worlds Biggest Brain. and much, much more...
Biodynamics is a regenerative agriculture, holistic in approach and practice, through which the farmer and gardener brings the substances and forces of nature into a quality and sustainable production.
Green Product and Service Directory
The Green Directory is Australia's number one online green business directory. We promote a comprehensive range of eco friendly products and services for sustainable living.
One Stop Green Shop supports Fair Trade and Choose Cruelty Free organisations.
Shopping is arguably the most political act an individual can do. It relates to the Dalai Lama's observation:

"If you think you're too small to be effective,
you've never been in bed with a mosquito."
Informing yourself on ethical products empowers your money, your time and your ideals. These organisations can help you.
Improving Environment - Contented Animals - Healthy Food - Delighted Clients - Happy Farmers
. Mountain Creek Farm is a traditional family farm, a poly-culture of amazing bio-diversity which is constantly improving. Organics, biodynamics, holistic management, ethical animal care and openness blend on our farm to create better food.
Videos About Water, Resources, Water Conservation, Acid Sulfate Soils, Water Cycling, Wetland Design & Care, and More.
Videos by Filmstream (Australia). Premier research videos for the advancement in studies of environmental systems and the management of water resources. Filmstream's Water videos look at a wide range of fundamental research projects in the Australia and overseas research communities.
Water conservation education, Interactive whiteboard lesson, resources. Gecko interactive provides Interactive CD, Interactive whiteboard lesson, Water conservation lessons, mangrove lesson.








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