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New Price List 2016

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The Corinna bench top Flowform measures
47 cm long x 42 cm wide x 20 cms high and
is made in glazed ceramic, which is virtually,
wear proof. The actual Flowform sits on top
of a 5-litre bowl, which is also glazed
ceramic. Making the complete kit perfect for
the stirring of Biodynamic preparations for
the home gardener. Five litres mixed with
500 being enough for 1/3rd of an acre.
The Corinna also makes a peaceful indoor
water feature. It has been specifically
designed for the Biodynamic home gardener
and was produced over 15 months here in
our studios in Byron Bay.
It is actually based on the Vortex Flowform,
but in miniature. The water movement within
this Flowform is very similar to the Vortex
model with bottom draining left and right
hand vortices and a strong pulsating Lemniscate.
After much searching a suitable German pump was well tested and found to be very durable with a 3-year
warranty. Different plumbing configurations were tried and we finally came up with a 12 mm flexi hose and Tee entry fitting to allow good flow with little or no noise. This pump also has the benefit of an inbuilt valve to reduce or enhance flow.
Other Flowform stirring kits enable draining or transferring of the liquid from the vessel into a spray tank. With the small Corinna, this is easily achieved by lifting the Flowform from the vessel and pouring the contents into a bucket.
The stirred preparation or fertiliser can now be applied to the garden or orchard with the brush provided.
This Flowform was named, “Corinna” after the Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacine).
The Corinna is a little Tiger!




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