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Living Water Flowforms
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"Flowforms, Where art meets science."
John Wilkes - Featured here on the right at a meeting with Phil Sedgman.




"Flowforms...taking water for a walk..."

The ideal Water Feature


Flowforms are without any doubt, the ideal water feature for any landscape project. Both practical and beautiful, when operating they create an ambiance that is both inviting and calming. The secret, is in the rhythmical movement of the water, giving off sounds like those of a real mountain stream or waterfall.

For the designer, Flowforms present a range of options covering small and large projects. With a variety of choice in styles, composition and scale, they provide the ability to match the water feature to the project, naturally.

If your style is minimalist or complex, Flowform cascades can be included, adapted and installed with ease.

We at Living Water Flowforms believe that aside from the practical benefits to water and the aesthetic beauty of Flowforms, your clients may choose to enjoy the culture that has driven their creation. Essentially one of honouring this wonderful gift of nature upon which, our survival depends.

Flowforms have been used the world over in public spaces, private gardens and on farms, because their functionality exists within their design. Design that's grounded by applying scientific research principles to the study of nature.

We invite you to join us in becoming a part of a world wide movement aimed at promoting greater respect for our Earth and the life forces that sustain us.


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